7 Ways to Fix Installation Has Failed | Discord in Windows

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7 Ways to Fix Installation Has Failed | Discord in Windows

7 Ways to Fix Installation Has Failed | Discord in Windows
Discord is an application which allows players to communicate with each other (In the form of texts and voice chat). It aims to enhance online gaming experience. But similar to other apps, Discord too is vulnerable to failures. While installing Discord, users have reported to experience a common error. Which is the,

'' Installation has failed ''

This can be problematic, especially when you are trying to play your favorite game. And also the error can be frustrating to deal since no much information are revealed. Luckily, there are several solutions which makes you fix this error in error in no time.

In this article, I will be exploring about the 7 Ways to Fix Installation Has Failed | Discord in Windows. Follow the below steps for you to get the installation done.

Let's get started,

1. Run SFC Scan

Often, corruption of system files can also trigger such installation errors. Built in utility called System File Checker (SFC) is capable of repairing system files. This tool scans for corrupted system files. If identified it will be replaced with a new copy.

To perform SFC scan,
  1. Press '' Windows + R ''
  2. Type '' cmd '' Right click on it and Select Run as Administrator
  3. Type the command and Press Enter
                                '' SFC/Scannow ''

2. Delete AppData

Discord usually saves local files in the form of AppData for system operations. If Discord is already installed those data will be present on your PC. Even after uninstallation, the local files are not completely eliminated. So in instances where you install Discord again, these files will interfere with the installation process. Thus, giving you this error installation has failed. So as a solution for this, you need to manually delete those data. 

To delete AppData,
  1. Press '' Windows + R ''
  2. Type '' %LocalAppData% ''
  3. Right click on Discord folder
  4. Press Delete 

3. Install .NET Framework

Released by Microsoft, .NET framework is a programming software which allows applications to be built and launched in windows operating system. Applications like Discord also use this .NET framework. This program usually installs automatically. But due to administrative permissions and other disk errors the software might have not installed. Once this happens, the installation process will be halted. Even so you can visit Microsoft official website and download .NET framework.

4. Update Drivers

Apps like Discord also require drivers in order for it to be installed. If the necessary drivers are not installed, consequently the Discord installation process will result in failure. Therefore, ensure that all of the drivers in your PC are updated. Especially, the audio device drivers.

5. Disable Antivirus

Antivirus programs interfere with other applications on your computer. Similarly, it can block the installation process of Discord mistakenly as a threat. So if you have any Antivirus software installed, you can try disabling it for some time. Then retry the installation process.

6. Change Install Location

Sometimes simply changing the installation location can fix installation has failed error. For some reason, the currently selected storage drive might be faulty causing this error. Discord does not take much storage capacity, so you can try installing it on different folders. During the installation process you will be asked for an installation location. Choose the installation location different from the one previously selected. Then check if the install wizard comes up with the same error.

7. Boot into Safe Mode

In some cases, more than one program may interfere contributing to this error. So it can be impossible to find those programs if you wanted to bypass this error. Booting windows in Safe Mode is one way to get rid of all those unnecessary programs. Only the default programs and services will be loaded.

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