10 Ways to Fix Not Connected | No Connections Are Available in Windows

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10 Ways to Fix Not Connected | No Connections Are Available in Windows

10 Ways to Fix Not Connected | No Connections Are Available in Windows

Nowadays problems in internet connection is common among windows operating system. Users of windows 7 & 10 operating system have reported to experience a network error on their PC. That is the,

'' No connected No connections are available ''

This problem is most common among users who tries to connect through Wifi connections. Generally, this is indicated inside the network connection icon. They could identify the actual problem lies on their PC if other devices connected to the same network works fine. Hence, there is a possibility for this error to show up even when there are apparent network connections. 

Eventually, this error leaves you no way to connect to a network. There are reasons that makes this error to appear. Fortunately, the problem comes with few simple solutions. So if you are also getting no connection available error when trying to connect to a network, the following solutions should help you.

In this article, I will be listing out the 10 Ways to Fix Not Connected | No Connections Are Available in Windows. Follow the instructions below to get rid of this error. 

Let's get started,

1. Check Router

The status of the router is indicated in its LED lights. The red light usually means that the router is off. In the contrary, green light mentions that the router is currently turned on. This way you can easily identify if the router works properly. 

Apart from that, you should also check if your router or modem is receiving enough signal. Routers receiving low signals will often result in poor internet connection.  So check the router for signal reading. Most modern routers comes with signal reading that will give you better estimate about the signal strength. 

2. Check Cables

If you connecting to the internet through an ethernet cable, it may fail to work properly if it is with loose connection. So physically you need to check the cables that is used for connecting the router. Disconnect the cable and look for any damaged signs. If damages are found replace the cable. 

Even there is a chance for the cable to get damaged insides without showing signs outside. In this case, you can check the cable by connecting it to a different computer.

3. Restart Router

If you are also encountering these kind of error messages, restarting the router should be a solution since this can be due to technical issues. Besides these restarting is recommended time to time to refresh its functions. Most routers comes with reset button hidden. Find this button and press and hold it for a few seconds. Once this is done, your router should restart with its default settings.

4. Restart PC

Often, your operating system malfunctions to give rise to various networking errors. One such is not connection no connections are available. So similar to other electronic devices, a restart should fix network related problems. Even it is recommended to restart the computer before applying other fixes.  By restarting you are essentially restoring PC configurations and clearing cache.

5. Strengthen Wifi Signal

The strength of Wifi signal depends on how near your computer to the networking device. If the distance to the router increases, the strength of Wifi signal will keep on reducing. At one point, there will be no connection at all. Therefore, it is essential to place the computer closer as possible to the networking device. 

And also, certain obstacles like metal, microwave, home phones and concretes can obstruct Wifi signals. So make sure these obstacles are not in between your connections. 

6. Uninstall Apps

Certain applications are known to interfere with network connections. It should be some third party softwares or even protective solutions like Antivirus and Firewall. So you can fix this issue by uninstalling those applications. However, there can be more than one application causing this interference. Hence, you need to keep removing applications until the issue is fixed. 

7. Disable Firewall

As mentioned earlier firewall software can actually trigger this error. The firewall software has major connection with the network. Therefore, it has high tendency to interfere with the network. A simple way to fix this problem is by disabling firewall. 

Be aware that disabling firewall makes your system vulnerable to external threats. So we recommend you to turn it back on immediately if it is not the issue.

8. Update Drivers

Sometimes the problem might actually lie with the network drivers. When the drivers are outdated,  it will eventually make this error to appear. Users have also reported to fix this error by updating the network drivers. If you know how to do this you can directly visit the manufacturer's site and search for the network card drivers. In this case, you need to use a different PC with a internet connection.

9. Check Internet Outages

Apart from the system issues, there is a possibility that the internet service is actually down preventing you from connecting to a network. This can especially happen for users in urban areas. 

Rural an urban areas do not contain much cellular towers as much as in city areas. Thus, Internet Service Provider ( ISP ) cannot provide reliable connection to those areas. In this case, you are not the only one experiencing connection problems. If you suspect the error as an internet outage, contact your ISP. Only they can offer an appropriate solution.

10. Modify Power Management Settings

Power management settings of your computer can actually be the culprit for not connected no connections are available error. Sometimes windows disables certain devices automatically. This includes network related devices as well. This is taken as a measure to conserve power. Changing the power management settings to high performance lets your PC to use all those devices. 

 To modify power management settings,

  1. Go to the Search box
  2. Type '' control panel ''
  3. Select System and Security
  4. Choose Power Options
  5. Press Change plan settings
  6. Press Advanced power settings
  7. In the drop down menu, change it to High Performance

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