How to Fix A Specified Logon Session does not Exist

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How to Fix A Specified Logon Session does not Exist

How to Fix A Specified Logon Session does not Exist
When trying to map a network drive using the command prompt, an error message keeps on appearing.
That error is the,

'' A specified logon session does not exist. It may already have been terminated ''

Therefore, the task of mapping the network drive cannot be accomplished. So you probably cannot connect any network attached devices. The error can show up irrespective of how you are logged in (Local administrator or domain administrator). There can be several causes for this error. The most common reason for this error has found to be the enabling of security policy. Fortunately, it comes with few troubleshooting methods which help you to fix this error.


In this article, you will get the information on How to Fix A Specified Logon Session does not Exist. If you're also facing this similar problem this article guides you.

Let's get started,

1. Edit Credentials

The Windows Credential Manager stores information related to the task. A specified logon session does not exist can be fixed easily by making some changes in the credential manager.

To edit credentials,

  1. Go to Start Menu
  2. Type '' credential manager ''
  3. Choose Credential Manager Control Panel
  4. Click on Windows Credentials
  5. Select the NAS device
  6. Press delete entry
  7. Now Press Add a Windows Credentials
  8. Insert a new value
  9. Type the following in the credentials bar,

        *  Internet or Network Address:  (Type the Netbios-name of your cloudstation)

        *  User name: (Type the netbios-name and the username of the computer)

        *  Password: (Leave this field as blank)

2. Disable Network Access

Even after adding information to the credential manager still this error might occur if the network access policies are enabled. Hence, if the above method did not work, you can try disabling network access by running Local Security Policy console. 

To disable network access,

  1. Press '' Windows + R ''
  2. Type '' gpedit.msc ''
  3. Go to Computer Configuration → Windows Settings → Security Settings → Local Policies → Security Options
  4. Right click on Network access : Do not allow storage of passwords and credentials for network authentication
  5. Choose Properties
  6. Press Disabled 
  7. Press Ok

3. Create New PIN

According to users, they are able to fix a specified logon session does not exist by setting up a new PIN. Many prefer to use password instead of PIN since its easier to remember. By changing the default login method to PIN, you are allowing the system to use new type of security authentication.

To create new PIN,

  1. Go to Start Menu
  2. Type '' settings ''
  3. Select Accounts
  4. Press Sign in options
  5. Choose PIN

Follow the on screen instructions and provide details accordingly to setup a new PIN. Once a PIN is created, restart the system.

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