5 Advantages and Disadvantages of Windows 10 | Drawbacks & Benefits of Windows 10

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5 Advantages and Disadvantages of Windows 10 | Drawbacks & Benefits of Windows 10

5 Advantages and Disadvantages of Windows 10 | Drawbacks & Benefits of Windows 10
The predecessor Windows 8 faced a lots of issues that frustrated many users. These issues cannot be addressed to Microsoft alone which compelled them to make a new operating system. So the latest version of Windows 10 was released to make your PC run more smoothly without any problems. In a short period of time it became one of the popular operating systems in the world. 

Windows 10 incorporates new type of design with user friendly interface. And lots of newest features are introduced, one of the is the fast startup feature. In this feature, both the functions of normal shutdown and hibernate are combined. Even though Windows 10 includes lots of features still people are reluctant to consider this OS. This is due to the fact that there are both advantages and disadvantages related to this OS.

In this article, you will be learning about the 5 Advantages and Disadvantages of Windows 10 | Drawbacks & Benefits of Windows 10. Through these pros and cons, you will exactly know if this operating system is worth the money or not.

Let's get started,

Advantages of Windows 10

1. Speed

On default, Windows 10 is designed in a way that is faster than its previous versions. The boot time and shutdown time is much lesser compared to Windows 8 and other versions. The process of booting is made faster by disabling unnecessary startup processes and by eliminating bloatware. 

2. Security

Microsoft makes sure that Windows 10 is safer in all the ways. The authentication methods are much improved than before. Third parties cannot easily crack a password. Even other authentication methods like face recognition and finger print scanning is made tighter. Encryption type of protection is also present in Windows 10. 

Windows 10 uses a BitLocker encryption program to encrypt whatever the file the PC identifies as malicious. And similar to previous versions, Windows 10 is also incorporated with the Windows Defender Antivirus protection which ensures that your PC is even more secure. So cybercriminals cannot easily infect a virus. 

3. Web browser

Microsoft introduced a new web browser with Windows 10 called Microsoft Edge which came as an alternative to Windows Explorer. The new Edge browser includes many features which makes it one of the finest browsers ever developed. The browser has well improved in terms of page layout, extensions and privacy. Additionally, Cortana voice assistant is also incorporated inside the browser to allow users to search using the voice command.

4. Gaming

Microsoft Windows 10 is equipped with DirectX 12 which promises to enhance gaming experience. Gamers using DirectX 12 has experienced significant improvements in gaming. Most games are able to achieve higher frame rates. So whatever the gaming title you choose to play, you can assure that it will run smoothly in the operating system (But only under the condition of having a powerful graphics card).

5. Switching Apps

Switching apps in Windows 10 is made easier using a feature known as task view. Al though this feature is present on the previous versions still this is something new in Windows 10. Users will be able to switch between different tasks by pressing Alt + Tab key. There is one more thing that can be done : you can add another task to the desktop.

Disadvantages of Windows 10

1. Updates

Most of the PCs are preinstalled with Windows 10. However, they are not with higher version of Windows 10. It is normally the basic or home version. Now these versions are known to contain many bugs which can only be removed by time to time updates. Otherwise, you may need to go for a professional version that can be costly.

2. Privacy

Privacy is another concern when using the Windows 10 operating system. Particularly, the problem comes in the form of Cortana : the voice search. Cortana has been integrated inside both the operating system and the Edge browser. There is always a privacy concern in Cortana since it stores each and every search. It provides the opportunity for Microsoft can gather all our private information. So anyone using Cortana is at privacy risk. 

3. System Requirements

Similar to other operating systems, Windows 10 has also set its minimum system requirements. Users need to make sure that their PC meets these requirements to make Windows 10 work properly. Even if your PC fulfills these requirements, the installation is not an easy process. It takes time and effort before you can actually start using this OS.


4. Reverting OS

Once you upgraded to Windows 10 from Windows 7 or 8 and if you don't like this OS ; you cannot revert back to the previous operating system directly. You must reinstall the operating system from the scratch. And there is more cost involved in installing Windows 10. Even a basic home version of Windows 10 costs about $139 and professional version approximately costs $200.

5. Touch Interface

Unlike Windows 8 OS, Windows 10 is not touch friendly. Most of the touch inputs are disabled in Windows 10. For an example, you cannot close apps simply just by swiping. And selection of objects cannot be done easily. This makes it not recommended to be used in devices such as Tablets which rely entirely on touch screen technology. 


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