5 Advantages and Disadvantages of Windows 8 | Drawbacks & Benefits of Windows 8

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5 Advantages and Disadvantages of Windows 8 | Drawbacks & Benefits of Windows 8

5 Advantages and Disadvantages of Windows 8 | Drawbacks & Benefits of Windows 8
Windows 8 is an operating system introduced as a successor to Windows 7. Microsoft recommends
upgrading to Windows 8 to enjoy the latest features. Shortly after the release of Windows 8 another version known as v8.1 was released to overcome all the shortcomings faced by the previous OS. 

This operating system basically has 3 versions known as Basic, Pro and Enterprise. The design of Windows 8 is something different from its predecessors which includes a new tile based design. Those users who started using this operating system gradually liked this design. Since the availability of this operating system in PCs, laptops and tablets it has gained lots of popularity. Al though Windows 8 has many benefits, it has few drawbacks as well. 

In this article, I will be addressing about the 5 Advantages and Disadvantages of Windows 8 | Drawbacks & Benefits of Windows 8. Through these pros and cons, you will be able to judge if you need to go ahead with this operating system.

Let's get started,

Advantages of Windows 8

1. Speed

The boot time of Windows 8 is also improved. Compared to its predecessors, it almost takes half the time to boot the OS. On average it only takes up to 17 seconds. Even to shutdown and hibernate it does not take much time. When using this operating system, you can actually experience this higher speeds. 

2. Security

Microsoft has really worked on improving the security in Windows 8. Apart from PIN, Windows 8 introduced a new type of authentication method called Picture Password. In this you can choose an image and save three different gestures. These gestures can be saved as the password. And to make sure that your system is free from viruses, Microsoft introduced an improved version of Windows Defender. This security system alone is capable of protecting from most types of threats.

3. Web Browser

Windows 8 comes with latest version of Internet explorer known as Internet Explorer 10. The browser works really quicker compared to its previous version. And also, latest new features are included to enhance user experience. There are 2 types of web browsers available for Windows 8. Either the browser can be accessed through the desktop screen or from the Metro app. The two browsers differs according to the functionality.

4. Stores App

Similar to Play Store for Android, Windows 8 is also incorporated with its own Stores App. Various Apps ranging from social media, browsers, games and music/video players can be downloaded from the store. The good news is that most of these apps are free to download and 100% assured to be compatible with the OS. 

5. User Interface

Earlier versions of Windows were using a design known as Aero. Along with Aero, Windows 8 started using the new Metro (also called Modern UI) interface. Metro is a new tile based design. This design was developed keeping touch screen interface in mind. So as to improve the touch input when used in devices such as smartphones, tablets and touch screen monitors. Even Windows 8 provides the ability to customize by allowing you to rearrange the applications. 

Disadvantages of Windows 8

1. User Friendliness

Even though the new metro design was aimed to enhance user experience still the user need to get used to this design. Operating without the system tray can be a difficult task. Especially, when the applications are minimized : you cannot find the minimized applications directly. Once you start adding more apps, the desktop could actually mess up. And if you want to keep your interface attractive, you need to make sure that it contains only limited number of apps.

2. Cost

If you decide to use Windows 8 be ready to spend few dollars. Currently, the Windows 8 pro versions costs about $200 for purchasing. This is not the only expense. Besides purchasing, you must also be ready to spend for additional softwares and resource upgrades. All these can increase the overall expense.

3. Application Support

Windows 8 faces compatibility issues with most third party applications. Even the application which work fine on Windows 7 will stop working once it is installed on Windows 8. Moreover, new metro interface limits multitasking. The interface only allows two applications unless if you are using a large display. 

4. Functionality Buttons

The biggest drawback of Windows 8 is the unavailability of Start button. Since the start button is not available it can cause real trouble because it is the main functionality button. That is the reason why it was made available in the Windows 8.1 again. The previous versions of Windows were also equipped with Alt-Tab function which allows switching between task instantly. This function is also absent in Windows 8. 

5. Screen Resolution

The metro interface of Windows 8 is restricted to certain screen resolutions. For an example, metro applications will only be able to run on 1024x768 pixels. If you are a notebook or a laptop users this causes issues since most of them are not compatible with the native resolution of 768 pixels. And you cannot display two programs simultaneously unless your display is 1366x768 pixels. Even some desktop monitors are equipped with 1280x1024 pixels which again causes complications when running two programs simultaneously. This creates a problem representing two applications.

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