6 Advantages and Disadvantages of .NET Framework | Drawbacks & Benefits of .NET Framework

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6 Advantages and Disadvantages of .NET Framework | Drawbacks & Benefits of .NET Framework

6 Advantages and Disadvantages of .NET Framework | Drawbacks & Benefits of .NET Framework
.NET is a software development tool used to create and deploy applications and XML web services across multiple operating systems and devices. Being an open source framework also contributes to the fact why it is popular among developers. 

Developed by Microsoft, this framework can offer several range of applications. If the business needs an application that comes with lots of features and supports different kinds of services, they can look forward to use .NET framework. Another important feature to mention is the consistency it brings while building different range of applications. 

Ever since its release, it got better with every kind of flexibility. With all the benefits that does not mean .NET framework isn't without flaws. Anyone trying to create their own software program must look at the pros and cons.

In this article, I will be mentioning about 6 Advantages and Disadvantages of .NET Framework | Drawbacks & Benefits of .NET Framework. From this post, you will know the pros and cons of using .NET framework.

Let's get started,

Advantages of .NET framework

1. Object Oriented Programming

Since the .NET framework is based on object oriented programming it essentially breaks down the application into smaller components. Each component then can be worked one at a given time. Once the task is completed, all of them can be combined. This makes even complex tasks to be simple. Especially, for the events those are recurring.

2. Application Compatibility

With .NET framework, you can create applications across various ranges of IoTgaming and AI. Many businesses have realized the importance of AI and constantly try to include new technologies onto their applications. Apart from AI, your program must be ready to integrate other large technologies like Big data and Machine language. With them you can ensure more safe and efficient operations.

3. Application deployment

With the help of .NET  development tools, the deployment of applications are much easier. Same as copying a folder or deleting a file. Due to the modular design of .NET framework, you can literally identify the problematic application. If wanted dependencies can be added.

4. Cross Platform Support

One of the prominent advantages of .NET framework is that the code written can be used to support numerous platforms. For an example, the framework allows you to run on Windows, MacOS and Linux. The open source nature of .NET framework permits anyone to edit the source code. Which means that the developers are free to exhibit their own ideas. 

And also, it guarantees language independence through means of any programming language. Whatever the programming language you use, Visual basic, C# or C++, you can ensure that each of them are compatible with multiple operating systems.

5. Visual Studio

.NET framework is incorporated with  Microsoft IDE called Visual StudioIntegrated Development Environment (IDE) is nothing but a development tool which intends to make application development process hassle free such that by providing all necessary devices. This allows creation and publication of applications for one or more operating systems. A language specific environment is created in .NET by coordinating their functions with Visual Studio.


6. Community Support

Ever since .NET was made open source, large community of developers are involved in contributing to this framework. This includes all the types of developers from well experienced, moderate experienced to less experienced. These community members are willing to help any amateur developers who are willing to improve their skills. So with such assistance, any issue can probably be resolved.

Disadvantages of .NET framework

1. Cost

Al though .NET is an open source based framework, it turns out to be expensive in terms of licensing. In some instances, the expenses isn't bearable if the application size is too large. One such example is the Visual Studio which requires you to pay a subscription fee of $539 per year. Even there can be other cost burdens on the services Microsoft offers. Hence, .NET is not a recommended platform when it comes to pricing.

2. Speed

Whatever the application made with .NET framework is considerably slower. Developers can easily notice this speed difference while using the native code. The speed is drastically reduced even for purely functional design techniques. Unless there is some performance growth, the developers must be ready to face these challenges.

3. Object-Relational Limitations

Object-Relational Programming (OOP) works through objects and data. It completely differs from the traditional approach of actions and logic. Therefore, the support given from the database design is also limited. Only the support is given though the entity framework. If there is any change to the database design, the existing version may not be compatible, even though it perfectly works in the new version.

4. Resource Requirement

Similar to .NET programs, .NET framework too requires more resources. Typically, in the form of RAM. When there is more RAM requirement, absolutely the weight of the framework increases as well.

5. Vendor lock-in

.NET is a vendor lock-in framework. Which means that the changes will be under the influence of Microsoft. The developers cannot expect the entire ecosystem to be community driven. Thus, they have very less power over changes. 

6. Memory Leaks

Just like other frameworks, .NET is also subjected to memory leaks. The garbage collector that comes with .NET is not efficient enough. Without proper resource management, memory related problems are common in .NET. Only possible way to eliminate this issue is by undertaking additional efforts.


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