7 Advantages and Disadvantages of NoSQL Database | Drawbacks & Benefits of NoSQL Database

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7 Advantages and Disadvantages of NoSQL Database | Drawbacks & Benefits of NoSQL Database

7 Advantages and Disadvantages of NoSQL Database | Drawbacks & Benefits of NoSQL Database
Relational databases like SQL was the most preferred option for data storage and retrieval. But not all the time relational databases were useful. Especially, while handling unstructured data. This is when non-relational databases like NoSQL came into existence. 

NoSQL databases were able to overcome many of the limitations of a conventional database management system. Unlike in relational databases, NoSQL databases does not use rows and columns. Instead it uses JSON documents. The use of JSON documents makes it able to manage data without the use of Structured Query Language (SQL). As a result of this, structured, unstructured and semi-structured data can be stored conveniently. 

MongoDB, SimpleDB, DynamoDB, HBase and Lotus notes are some of the examples for NoSQL databases. Depending on the requirement NoSQL databases offer many advantages. However, it aren't flawless. It is important to know the benefits and drawbacks of NoSQL databases before considering of implementing it into your project.

In this article, you will get the information on 7 Advantages and Disadvantages of NoSQL Database | Drawbacks & Benefits of NoSQL Database. From this post, you will know the pros and cons of using NoSQL database.

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Advantages of NoSQL Database

1. Simplicity

The simplicity of NoSQL databases lies within its structure. Compared to other database management systems, NoSQL only requires few lines of codes. So any new developer will be able to adopt to this system quickly.

2. Scalability

Horizontal scaling is made possible in NoSQL databases due to the fact that there is no structure in the data. Thus, more servers can be added. Whenever there is a scaling requirement, NoSQL allows it to be scaled accordingly. One such instance is the data growth. The type of scaling in NoSQL is not only cheaper but also feasible.

3. Storage Capacity

Unlike in a single relational database management system, NoSQL databases cannot face restrictions in storing massive datasets. NoSQL databases comes with the capability to store large amount of data in a hierarchical order. 

The data is stored in the form of BigTable system. The system makes it possible to store data without a limit. This makes it recommended for large technologies like Internet of Things (IoT). Additionally, tasks like data retrieval, deletion and addition are made easy.

4. Maintenance

NoSQL databases comes with the ability to replicate information and partition data on its own. So there is no requirement of buying software licenses or expensive IT infrastructure. Therefore, the ongoing maintenance cost in a NoSQL database is significantly reduced.

5. Query Speed

NoSQL databases are designed to carry out fast querying. These databases normally deals with large data volumes. Even so for the queries you find the results instantly. In addition to that, data retrieval for structured data can be worked with the help of complex queries. 

6. Economical

NoSQL databases does not need any servers or storage systems. Instead, it relies upon commodity hardware clusters for installation. As there is data transfer, the process is relatively cheaper since the cost per gigabyte is less. Hence, the cost is much lesser when it comes to data storage and processing.

7. Structure Flexibility

NoSQL databases does not impose restrictions on the data type. All the data types including structured, unstructured and semi-structured is supported by NoSQL. Even for the applications that does not finalize data structure, NoSQL provides an alternative way to manage data.

Disadvantages of NoSQL Database

1. Reliability

The data which is generated from the NoSQL database cannot ensured to be consistent. Opposite to a SQL data set, consistency is not a major concern in NoSQL. The result of this is the inaccurate or outdated information. 

The reason for this is the base consistency model on which the NoSQL databases relies upon. This model proposes eventual consistency which means that the data can be consistent at the later stage causing a delay. This delay is not appropriate where there is reliable transactions. For an example, instances like stock purchasing and ATM exchanges.

2. Data Backup

NoSQL also lacks a proper data back up solution. Even though it comes with certain tools for this purpose, it is not much effective. Especially, when compared with NoSQL and other platforms. The situation worsens in case of a power outage or software malfunction.

3. No Analysis

NoSQL is also behind SQL when considering analytics. Particularly, while drawing the business insights you can clearly distinguish the difference. However, most applications today use to adopt both of these database management systems.

4. Compatibility

Rectifying work queries is a complicated process. Compatibility issues also exist in NoSQL with SQL relational databases. Databases in NoSQL has their own features which cannot be used in others. 

5. Lack of Standardization

NoSQL databases until now lacks reliable standards. Hence, the rules and responsibilities are absent. When there is a different NoSQL database, each of the varies according to the design and query language. Due to this a confusion is created between developers.

6. Query Functions

SQL databases are very efficient when dealing with complex queries. This efficiency is missing in NoSQL. Thus, it is very difficult to perform complex queries without proper programming knowledge.

7. Community Support

Major community support is absent in NoSQL. Experts in this field is very low in number. This is because NoSQL is a recent technology. Therefore, their community is still on the rise. For those users who face some rare issues, they need to find out a way without depending on the community.

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