6 Advantages and Disadvantages of Work From Home | Drawbacks & Benefits of Work From Home

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6 Advantages and Disadvantages of Work From Home | Drawbacks & Benefits of Work From Home

6 Advantages and Disadvantages of Work From Home | Drawbacks & Benefits of Work From Home
Advancement in technology with the use of internet, computers as well as software tools made work from home possible. Work from home is not a new concept, already several companies did adopt this idea. 

But the advent of the pandemic boosted this approach. Ever since then, work from home became a necessity for most organizations. Organizations too benefited by reducing their operational costs in several ways. Some firms find it as a compelling career move, same as that of working from office. 

Nowadays, many organizations from different countries allow their employees to work from home. Employees can work remotely regardless of the location. Al though work from home seems to be a better work culture these positions comes with some drawbacks. Not everyone remote working style suits. Working professionals in particular needs to understand these pros and cons before embracing this work setup. 

This article lists out the 6 Advantages and Disadvantages of Work From Home | Drawbacks & Benefits of Work From Home. From this post, you will know the pros and cons of work from home.

Let's get started,

Advantages of Work From Home 

1. Cost Effective

For all employees, work from home is a more economical option. Traditional way of working comes with a lot of expenses whether it is direct or indirect. All these expenses are omitted in WFH. Since employees stay at home, there is no actual necessity for commuting. Similarly they can save money spent on dining in expensive restaurants and purchasing office attires.

2. No Commuting

The burden of commuting is experienced by the employees who work in metro cities. If the roads are congested, commuting can get longer. Unfortunately, in corporate culture traffic jam is not accepted as an excuse. Even some companies imposes salary cuts when being late to work. Also, it can greatly affect an employees mental health. According to studies, with the longer commute times employees are likely to be stressed out with their jobs.

3. Schedule Flexibility

Regular working hours isn't a limitation in work from home. In most remote work jobs, employees are allowed to schedule their own working hours. In between working, there are chances to fulfill family responsibilities and other duties. Whereas, in a regular 9-5 job this flexibility cannot be expected. Despite offering flexible schedule, companies look forward to get their work accomplished.

4. Higher Productivity

A workplace without peer colleagues can actually make an employee more productive. Especially, for the introverts who are not convenient with social interactions. Unlike in a traditional work environment, there is less distractions and reduced stress. Working professionals feel a lot satisfied making them concentrate more on their work.

5. Work-life Balance

Work from home culture is able to bring better work-life balance. All these unnecessary time spent in commuting can be used to perform their personal duties. In the contrary to a regular 9-5 job, this opens the gate for attaining more time spent with family. What's important here is that, individuals must not compensate work productivity by fulfilling non-work related obligations.

6. Technology Expertise

Remote work requires the use of some technological equipment. This includes various devices and communication tools. Without mastering those components, it is impossible to continue work. Only by making oneself tech savvy, the employees can accomplish the work they want. For an example, there can be various technological issues that can only be solved with adequate computer knowledge.

Disadvantages of Work From Home

1. Lack of Interactions

Biggest challenges faced by the remote workers are the loneliness and isolation. Obviously, employees must remain isolated most of the time during work from home. Apart from the video calling and messaging services there is no way for physical interaction. Eventually, after spending long period in front of a computer screen, employees may develop a sense of mental health problems like anxiety, stress and depression.

2. Distractions

In a typical home environment, good working conditions are not present. Employees working from home are surrounded with distractions. Mostly in the form of family members and neighbors. In either situation, it gets hard to concentrate on work eventually making them to lose productivity. It requires special effort with substantial dedication to stay focused.

3. Information Risk

Remote works are also associated with security risks. Cyber security attacks are faced by the remote workers. For attackers infiltrating a home network is more hassle free than a secured on-site office setup. Phishing and ransomware are the most common types of threats. 

4. Hidden Costs

Even though work from home appears as a cost effective solution, there exists some hidden costs that cannot be neglected. As you involve in work from home process, the telecommunication and electricity bill can rise. 

Perhaps, some companies even fail to provide mandatory office supplies like computers, laptops and mobile phones. So employees are left with no other option but to use their own. If one of those devices cease to function, employees must also bear the repairing cost.

5. Career Progress

Employees working at home cannot expect the same level of career progression when they were in office. Often, your work gets less noticeable affecting your career progression. Some bosses are favored towards workers who are present on-site rather than working from home. Remote workers must make an extra effort to get recognized.

6. Less Physical Activities

Maintaining ones fitness is super challenging when it comes to work from home. Work from home jobs barely involves any physical activities. It promotes a sedentary lifestyle. The only means to stay fit is by following regular exercise routines. 

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