6 Simple Ways to Transfer Files from Android to PC

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6 Simple Ways to Transfer Files from Android to PC

Do you have important files in your Android phone ? So you are looking for a way to transfer it to
your PC. Or from a vise versa to transfer data from a PC to an android phone. Do not worry, you are at the right place. This guide will help you to do that. 

Whether it can be a document, presentation, videos, music, images / pictures / photos, an android device gives more option for transferring the files. This is because unlike iPhone, android smartphone allows users to connect them directly into a PC rather than any complicated procedures. Therefore without any much difficulty you can easily transfer the required files. 

By transferring the files you can save significant amount of space on your android device. And also document management is made much easier when it is on a PC rather than when it is on a android device. Since both the android and the PC gives you varieties of option for the data transmission, there will be more than one path for the user to select them according to his/her convenience.

In this article, I will be taking you through the 6 Simple Ways to Transfer Files from Android to PC. At the end of this tutorial, you will know how to send / share / move data from the android phone to your computer.

Let's move to the topic,

1. Via Bluetooth

Bluetooth is an ideal and wireless way for transmission of smaller files. But comparing to other methods this can be slower. Ensure that Bluetooth facility is present in both the PC and the Android device. Or else if Bluetooth is not available on your PC, you can use a Bluetooth adapter

However most devices has Bluetooth inbuilt. For connecting the respective Android device, you have to type the confirmation code on your PC. Once the pairing process is finished, it will be easier for you to connect the next time when you need to send the files. 

2. Via USB Cable

Using a USB Cable is one of the basic ways for data transmission. It does not require any apps only the the cable has to be connected to the respective ports. However when you connect your smartphone for the first time, your PC may try to install the relevant drivers. 

Look for the original USB Cable that came out with the smartphone and connect it to the USB ports. Search for the android device from '' This PC '' in the Windows. When you have found the Android device, copy paste the required files to the desktop. 

3. Via Micro SD Card

If USB Cable is not available, the other option is using a Micro SD card. But you need a card reader to connect them into the PC USB port. Connect the Micro SD card to the PC and access them using '' This PC ''. Copy the required files and eject the card safely. And then reinsert the Micro SD card back into the Android phone. Or else you can use a USB OTG adapter to connect the Micro SD card directly into the smartphone. 

4. Via Cloud Services

Cloud services like Google drive and Dropbox can also be used for file transfer. Google's cloud service Google drive provides you 15 GB of free storage space. You can sync your mobile phone or the PC to the cloud services so that important files will be automatically save in drive. Others you have to upload manually. 

However this method is considered insecure since the informations are vulnerable to cyber attacks. So what you can do to transfer the data is upload the required files to the cloud services and access them using the other device. The informations on the cloud service will be there forever unless you delete them. 

5. Via Email 

On the other hand, Email services can be used too. But only specific formats will be supporting and it cannot be used for large files. Therefore Email services are only ideal for transferring small important data. Open the Email service and compose a email. Attach the relevant files and send it to yourself.

5. Via Wifi Direct

Most of the Android smartphones today comes with builtin Wifi Direct function. Computers too support Wifi functionality. Data transmission through Wifi direct is much faster and it is considered as one of the best ways to transfer data. However natively Wifi direct cannot be used transfer data directly. For this purpose you have to use third party applications like Shareit, Airdroid and Pushbullet. 

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