6 Common Causes for Black Screen Of Death in Windows

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6 Common Causes for Black Screen Of Death in Windows

Devices may not always operate as we expect it to be. Sometimes there can be issues with the system
that are clueless. Black Screen Of Death is one such issue. It is known to be the brother of Blue Screen Of Death since it is also a Stop error. But the good news is that it causes less problems to the system comparing to a blue screen error. 

There are two instances in black screen errors. Where in one you can actually sign in and the other it appears as soon as you start the computer. Regardless of how it appears the monitor will remain dark. Since no any hints are given about the problem, you have to rely on your own guessing about the issue. Perhaps the only way to solve this is by identify the correct causes and finding the relevant solutions.

In this article, I am going to tell you the 6 common causes for black screen of death in windows. At the end of this article, you will know the reasons behind the computer for displaying the anonymous black screen of death error.

Let's move to the topic,

1. Incomplete Windows Installation

Whether you are upgrading windows or looking for a fresh installation, many problems can occur during Windows installation. Under normal circumstances the windows installation might take quite long time to complete. In between the installation there can be device driver failure making the setup to freeze. Following this the computer may result in a black screen of death.

2. Incomplete Windows Update

Windows updates are necessary for making the system function smoothly with an enhanced performance. Therefore Microsoft constantly releases new updates through their website. Not all those updates be compatible with the system. Normally when upgrading windows online the computer restarts to adapt the changes. Following this restart the computer can become stuck with the black screen error.

3. Software Glitches

Not all the softwares you download from the internet is flawless. Applications especially those which runs on full screen such as the games and the video players can contain glitches. Every time when you run the software it can crash down leading to the black screen error.

4. Display Problems

Problems in the display also shows up with a black screen. But this black screen is different to the regular black screen of death. Either due to the monitor damage or loose connections, there can be no display output given which can be misunderstood by the user as a system error.

5. Overheating System

Long usage of the CPU and the GPU generates excessive heat. In order to overcome this excessive heat the computer should have a proper ventilation system. Improper cooling system may result in a overheating system. Due to this heat, the computer can experience frequent crashes.

6. Power Supply Issue

Issues in the Power supply can also cause Black screen of death. Power hungry devices such as the graphics card and the processor draws tremendous amount of power from the PSU. Sometimes the power output rating of the PSU can be low making it not deliver the required power needed for the computer. This can result in a black screen error in the system.

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